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California Man Speaks Out About Being Discriminated Against Because Of His Tattoos

A California man with several tattoos on his body says he was unfairly discriminated against and denied a job because of his body art.

Bill Roach of Bakersfield says all of his tattoos are meaningful and that he isn’t affiliated with a gang and therefore didn’t deserve to lose a job he applied for in the medical industry because of them, reports Eyewitness News.

Roach says that he passed a test given to him at the job interview, but that he didn’t get called back for another interview.The company’s representative allegedly told Roach he wasn’t being hired because of his tattoos. Eyewitness News did not reveal the name of the company.

“I pulled my stuff up, and I showed them I had tattoos,” Roach said. “I wanted to be up front, because to avoid wasting my time as well as theirs … and he encouraged me to take the test and said, you know, don’t worry about it.”

Roach’s tattoos include lyrics to songs on his arm, his wife’s lip prints on his neck, and his son’s footprint, name and birthdate on his neck, as well.

The company in question denied comment, but Holly Culhane of PAS Associates, a human resources consulting company, told the news station that there’s a major difference between legal and illegal discrimination. According to her, denying a person work based on his tattoos is not the same as discriminating against him because of his race, religion, sex, color or national origin.

Roach says he is upset that he took a day off from work to sit for the exam. He is writing a letter to Congress in the hopes of helping to make tattoo discrimination illegal.

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Source: Eyewitness News

Photo Credit: Adam Herbets of Bakersfield Now


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