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Men Gets Life In Prison For Killing Urologist (Photo)

Men Gets Life In Prison For Killing Urologist (Photo) Promo Image

On Sept. 18, a jury sentenced a California man to life in prison for killing a doctor he believed had left him with erectile dysfunction after a botched surgery.

Twenty years after the surgery, retired barber Stanwood Elkus, 79, shot married father of two, Dr. Ronald Gilbert, 10 times on Jan. 28, 2013, reports the Independent.

Gilbert, who was shot in the chest and neck, died just days before his 53rd birthday.

"I'm insane," Elkus then turned around and told a nurse at the Newport Beach medical complex. "Call the police."

Authorities arrested the man, who pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity. His attorneys blamed an antidepressant, dementia and brain damage for the shooting.

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"He’s operating within his own reality," Elkus’ attorney, Colleen O’Hara, said, reports My News LA. "Everything revolves around a surgery in 1992."

Despite their arguments, jurors determined he was sane at the time of the killing, reports the Los Angeles Times.

During the case, Elkus explained doctors had misdiagnosed and treated him for urethral stricture -- a narrowing of the urethra -- at a Veterans Affairs hospital in Long Beach in 1992.

Afterwards, he suffered incontinence, a low sex drive and erectile dysfunction for 20 years.

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As a result of the botched surgery, Elkus said he also lost a longtime girlfriend he had hoped to marry.

"Mr. Elkus began to blame all of his problems on this procedure," prosecutor Matt Murphy told jurors. "Whatever went wrong in his life he'd blame on the procedure. He obsessed over this."

While Gilbert, then a young medical resident, had also suggested surgery, he did not participate in the actual operation. Nevertheless, he remained the target of Elkus' fury.

"The world was robbed of a model citizen," Gilbert's wife, Elizabeth, told the court. "Our children were robbed of an amazing father."

Elkus reportedly took out his hearing aids while she spoke, putting them back on only to hear his sentence.

On Aug. 21,  an Orange County Superior Court jury found the wheelchair-bound and nearly deaf Elkus guilty of first-degree murder.

"There could be no punishment as great as the hate he has in his heart," said Gilbert’s childhood friend, Julie Harold Carter. "He’ll go to his grave knowing that he is reviled."

News of the murder has since captured worldwide attention. Many were pleased with the sentence.

"Not being able to get it up when you are 79...and incarcerated for not the biggest problem he will have," wrote one person in the Daily Mail's comments section.

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