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California Man Kidnaps Teen, Claims It Was An Accident

Here’s a new one for you: “Sorry officer, I kidnapped her on accident.”

Though that sounds like a joke, that’s exactly what a California man told Fremont Police recently after allegedly kidnapping a 16-year-old girl.

According to ABC, the victim had parked her car in a grocery store lot and left the doors unlocked. The offender, Aaron Kumar Roy, 23, snuck into the car while the girl was inside the store. Soon after the girl returned to her car and drove off, the man popped up from behind the seat with a knife and told the girl where to drive. Roy then ordered the girl to stop the car and take off her clothes.

Thankfully, the victim was able to escape and called 911. Roy tried to flee the scene, but Fremont Police tracked him down using fingerprints. He was arrested and charged with kidnapping and intent of rape, second-degree robbery, and cocaine possession. A police document shows that when questioned by the police, Roy told them he “got into the wrong car on accident.” If this claim isn’t ridiculous enough, he went even further by saying he “freaked out” when he realized he was in the wrong car. He said he had no intentions of kidnapping the teen.

Nice try, buddy.

Police investigated his house the day after his arrest and found all kinds of interesting things. The sweater he was wearing during the arrest was found with a packet of condoms inside. His computer revealed porn and rape searches on the internet, and Roy admitted to watching violent porn on his cell phone.

Police spokesperson Geneva Bosques spoke to the media recently and said what most of us already know.

“Just based on the evidence that we have, we don’t believe it was an accident,” she said. “He did kidnap her and held a knife to her. We found the knife at his home.”

Source: ABC


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