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California Man Finds Nine Puppies Abandoned Near Dumpster

Nine puppies were saved by a California man on Tuesday night after he spotted them beside a dumpster in Marin County.

The man brought the pups to Marin Humane Society where they were evaluated and found to be in good health. It’s unclear why they were abandoned.

“It’s heartbreaking to think of someone dumping these adorable puppies like so much trash but we know they’ll soon find good homes!” Marin Humane Society wrote on its Facebook page.

The five males and four females are about 9 weeks old. According to Dr. Belinda Evans, a veterinarian at the shelter, the puppies are either Rottweilers or labs.

"They are in good body weight, they are eating and active,” Evans told ABC 7 News. “We've had some roundworms, which is pretty typical for dogs these age, puppies this age. But otherwise, they look like they're in pretty good condition at this point."

Evans noted that while puppies are cute, it’s irresponsible to abandon them and put the stress of caring for them on shelters. Evans encouraged pet owners to have their animals spayed or neutered in the future.

The puppies will be spayed or neutered and put up for adoption in about a week.

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Sources: CBS News, ABC News / Photo Credit: CBS News


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