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California Man Convicted Eight Times For Drunk Driving Goes To Prison

A California man was sent to jail for six years Monday when he was convicted of his eighth driving under the influence charge.

Pablo Servin Sanchez, 50, had a blood alcohol content of at least .31 percent when he was arrested last year. The legal limit is .08 percent.

On Oct. 3, he backed his pickup truck across a highway at 11 a.m., nearly hitting a big-rig.

He was also driving with a suspended license when he was arrested.

“Too many people are injured in our community by DUI drivers,” District Attorny Jill Ravitch said in her statement. “Mr. Sanchez has repeatedly chosen to ignore that risk.”

Of the eight convictions on his record, which span more than 20 years, Sanchez was convicted four times of felony DUI.

Superior Court Judge Shelly Averill sentenced Sanchez to the maximum six years. His license is to remain revoked for 10 years after he leaves prison.

Sources: Sacramento Bee, Press Democrat


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