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Possible Radicalized Muslim Arrested In California After Threatening Neighbor With Sword

On Dec. 8, Victorville, California, man Mohamed Ahmed Elrawi was arrested after he reportedly chased and threatened to kill a neighbor with a sword.

San Bernardino Sheriff's Department officials responded to a call made around 5 p.m. on Dec. 7 that described a dispute between Elrawi, 57, and the victim, a person believed to be his neighbor, The Victorville Daily Press reports. Following the dispute, Elrawi allegedly chased the victim with a sword and threatened to kill the victim.

Before he was arrested, Elrawi said that he would “die and kill for Allah," according to sheriff's Sgt. Dave Burgess.

Elrawi was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder a little after midnight on Dec. 8 in Victorville, California.

Deputies noted that there was evidence inside Elrawi’s apartment that suggested he is possibly a radicalized Muslim. Police discovered a copy of the Koran and other items inside Elrawi’s home.

Yousef Farha, director of the High Desert Islamic Society in Victorville, noted that Elrawi is a former member of the mosque. However, Elrawi was banned from the mosque in January after he and a small group attempted to "hijack" the mosque.

"Mentally he is not stable," Farha told The Daily Press. "[Elrawi] — just about two or three years ago — his son committed suicide and that contributed to his situation. He doesn't care about religion. He just goes to mosque for the heck of it."

Elrawi is currently being held at the High Desert Detention Center in lieu of $500,000 bail.

Sources: The Victorville Daily Press, CBS News / Photo Credit: CBS News, James Quigg/The Daily Press

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