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California High School Students Shot Over Pair of Shoes

Two teenagers were shot Wednesday after two men attempted to steal one of the boy's shoes.

The teens attend Albany High School in Albany, California, a town many families flock to for its highly rated public schools. 

They were sitting near the BART tracks in El Cerrito when the robbers approached them just before 2 pm. 

"What we understand is that they were approached by two men who asked about their shoes," Albany High School principla Ted Barone said in an e-mail. "When one of our students stood up, one of the men pulled out a gun and shot the student, injuring him critically. Another one of our students was also shot in the face, but thankfully received just a flesh wound."

After shooting them, they fled the scene. Two nearby schools were then put on lockdown. One other teen who was with the two was not injured.

Suspects were described to be two young African American males wearing hooded sweatshirts. 

The violent incident happened during finals week at Albany High School and forced students to leave early. 

"I spoke with the parents of all three students last night and this morning," Barone said. "The young man who was injured critically is still in the hospital and his mother describes his condition as stable."



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