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California High School Sends Students To Prom A Week Early

A California school accidentally told students that their prom was a week too early, a mix-up that has the student body understandably perturbed.

Bloomington High School students arrived at Santa Anita Park on Saturday only to find out that their prom was actually scheduled for the following week.

The venue attempted to make up for the school’s mistake and accommodate the 400 students. Although Santa Anita was able to clear a room and find a D.J. for the event, most students were not satisfied.

"We thought it was a joke, OK, that's not funny," said student Selena Reyes. "When we get there, they tell us that we have to come back home and come back next weekend." Student Maritza Valdez described summed up the event by calling it “upsetting” and “disappointing.”

The school is labeling the incident as a miscommunication and taking the blame for what happened. School principal Ignacio Cabrera said he was stunned by what happened. "I've been the principal here for 13 years and I've never had this happen before," he said. The school is trying to reschedule a second prom. That might not be enough, CBS Local reported.

"They can't make up for it," said student Marcus Vargas. "Everybody paid for that day to be all super fancy. They paid for party busses and limos and things like that. They're going to have to do something pretty amazing to make up for that."

A video about the incident is below:

Sources: CBS LocalABC Local 


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