California GOP Candidate Tim Donnelly, Bullhorn in Hand, Warns Citizens That Their Guns Will Be Taken Away


With a bullhorn in his hand, California Conservative Assemblyman Tim Donnelly sent a message, loud and clear, to Democratic Governor Jerry Brown; he needs to “keep his hands off our guns” or else “then he will pay at the ballot box.”

Speaking at the GOP Convention in Anaheim, Donnelly officially began his bid for Governor with a promise to gun owners in the state that if Governor Brown winds up trying to “deprive” citizens of their rights to carry firearms, he will be beat come election day.

Governor Brown has multiple pieces of gun control legislation that he has yet to act on, and with his past history in mind, many gun owners fear that he will take away their right to bear arms.

Donnelly also added, in his fiery speech, that he is pushing back against an inevitable move towards socialism, while saying that taxes are “going to be the number one issue in this race.”

The Conservative gubernatorial hopeful also said that it really comes down to one thing; too much government.

“The greatest issues affecting Californians,” asserted Donnelly, “have to do with government controlling our lives, and literally destroying our businesses.”

When asked about other issues like gay marriage, abortion, and appealing to Hispanic voters, Donnelly had a lot to say. In regards to gay marriage, Donnelly made clear that he believes marriage should not have anything to do with the government in general, but should just be a religious practice, saying that he believes it is a “sacred convenient between one man and one woman, ordained by God.” He also feels strongly about abortion, saying that he is “proudly pro-life.” When it came his appeal in minority communities like the Hispanic population in California, Donnelly seemed to think that he wouldn’t have any issues.

While it is generally expected that Governor Brown will win re-election in next year’s race, Donnelly is clearly pulling out all the stops to try and make sure that doesn’t happen. His staunch conservative views on gun control, among other issues, make him a strong candidate to effectively tout the GOP agenda.


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