California Girl Jackie Rosas Saves New Jersey Girl From Suicide Via The Internet

A California girl helped stop the suicide of a New Jersey teen that she only knew from following her blog.

When Jackie Rosas saw the suicidal post of a teenage girl that she had been following on Tumblr for about a year, she knew she had to do something.

"She blogged, saying she was going to end her life," said Rosas, 18. "She had been fighting this depression, and when she posted that, my instinct was that she was serious. She wrote something like: 'I'm going to kill myself. There is no other option.'"

Rosas had seen bullies post hurtful messages on the 16-year-old girl’s Tumblr page in the past. When she saw that post, she sprang into action despite the fact that she didn’t know the girl’s last name or where she lived.

The young woman called her local police department and was connected with patrol Officer Kelly Nava. She gave Nava the girl’s first name and a link to her blog. There weren’t any strong leads.

"It was really nothing to start with," Nava said . "My first thought was to run (the girl's) age and name through our local system … and it came back with so many matches. She had such a common first name."

Nava then forwarded the girl’s photo to Officer Heather Olsen, who proceeded to pass it on to Cathedral City High Assistant Principal Karen Dimick. None of them recognized the photo.

At that point, something miraculous happened.

"We were kind of at a dead end," Olsen said. "But then, after a little bit, Karen (Dimick) texts me back. She said she found (the girl's) Twitter account, with the same picture on it, and that gave us a last name. And she sent me the link and I just went to town."

The girl had written about how much she loved the UHS marching band on Twitter, a post that ultimately led to her identity being revealed, USA Today reported.

"I was finally able to piece it together from the bottom of a newspaper article — Union Township, New Jersey," Olsen said.

After contacting local officials in New Jersey, officers were sent to a nearby address in response. They found a 16-year-old girl and she was taken to a medical facility.

Rosas was overjoyed to find out the news. "I kind of cried," Rosas said. "I was happy to know that I saved someone's life. It happened at random and it's an amazing feeling knowing you are able to help someone from thousands of miles away."

Sources: USA Today, News Grio, news.com.au


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