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California Firefighter Detained by Highway Patrol At Scene of a Serious Accident (Video)

Firefighters in Chula Vista, Calif., responded to a rollover highway accident on Tuesday night, and one wound up being detained on the scene after arguing with a highway patrol officer.

News cameras were able to catch the incident as it unfolded. All of firefighters were tending to accident victims but one, who was getting into an argument with a California Highway Patrol (CHP) officer about where he parked the fire truck.

The CHP officer wanted the firefighter to move the truck from the center divider of the highway, but the firefighter refused, as he was trying to help the injured victims in the rollover crash. The dispute reached a boiling point, and the uniformed firefighter wound up in handcuffs in the back of the officer’s car.

The firefighter was reportedly detained for around 30 minutes while his colleagues attended to the crash. He was eventually let go, and CHP, the police department, and the fire department are now meeting to discuss what went on.

Watch video of the firefighter’s detainment below.


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