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California Dad Accused Of Assaulting Infant Son, Baby Not Expected To Survive

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A father in California was arrested after his 3-month-old son was discovered unresponsive and with signs of trauma, authorities said on Saturday.

Santa Ana law enforcement officers arrested Jordan Mendez, 20, on Friday night after they responded to a report of a baby not breathing.

Police discovered the 3-month-old infant in the Santa Ana residence and medical personnel performed CPR on the baby. He was then rushed to the children’s hospital.

There, doctors discovered the child had signs of physical trauma, according to KTLA. Though he was initially listed as in critical condition, doctors and medical personnel later placed him on life support. The child is reportedly not expected to survive.

Mendez has since been arrested on suspicion of assault of a child causing great bodily injury.

He is being held at Santa Ana Jail. A judge set his bail at $1 million.

Upon hearing the news, many took to the Santa Ana News Facebook page to voice their opinions and concerns regarding the incident.

“What can an infant/child do to you to deserve this!? Cry? Maybe the baby is hungry or in pain,” wrote one user. “Or maybe they just need to be held so they can feel safe. This just saddens me and makes me mad that people would hurt such a sweet angel!”

“This guy is gonna pay,” wrote another user. “Poor baby.”

Source: CBS, KTLA, Santa Ana News on Facebook

​Photo Credit: Santa Ana Police Dept.


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