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'It's Gross': California Family Discovers Parasitic Worms Crawling In Seafood Package (Video)


Public health officials in San Joaquin County, California, are investigating after a local family complained the seafood they bought from a Costco store had parasites in it (video below).

The family from Lathrop, California, originally bought the package of cod and salmon from a Costco store in Manteca, California, KCRA reported. Two days later, they realized the seafood they bought was infested with parasitic worms.

The live parasites were reportedly crawling out of the package.

"I think everybody would say that it's gross to have a worm inside your meat," John Rock, the father of the family, told KCRA.

The family was so disturbed by the discovery they made a cellphone video of the parasites and sent it to the San Joaquin Department of Public Health with a letter of complaint on Dec. 28.

On Dec. 29, health officials from the department conducted an inspection of all seafood products sold at the Manteca Costco store. If more parasites are found, the county may ask the Costco establishment to remove the seafood from its shelves.

Lisa Medina, a spokeswoman for the county health department, noted that it is not uncommon to find wormlike parasites in raw fish.

"From a quality control perspective, they should not be visible," she said.

She added that Costco only packages the fish that is sold to customers and is not responsible for processing it.

The supermarket chain advises consumers to cook fish thoroughly until its internal temperature reaches 145 degrees for at least 15 seconds.

Rock, however, believes customers should not have to do this to eat parasite-free food.

"I don't want to cook a parasitical worm thoroughly for my dinner," he said.

This is not the first time a customer has discovered parasites in seafood purchased from a California Costco.

In July, a customer discovered similar worms squirming inside a package of salmon that he bought from a Costco store in Concord, California, KPIX-TV reported at the time.

The customer reportedly made a video of the discovery and posted it to Facebook. 

Sources: KCRA, KPIX-TV / Photo credit: Video Screenshot

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