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California Family Chooses To Be Homeless Rather Than Give Up Their Pit Bull

People will do lots of things for their beloved animals, and for one California family, the decision to be homeless was easy to make if it meant not giving up their cherished dog.

The Devia family of Walnut Creek has Camilla, a lab mix, and Rocco, a pit bull, and they claim that they can’t find a place to live because most landlords are threatened by a pit bull.

“When landlords see Camilla, they have no problem with her,” said Carol Devia. “Everybody will take her. But as soon as they see Rocco, they say ‘Oh no.’”

Rather than give their beloved dog to a shelter, Carol Devia, her husband Peter, and their two sons Leandro and Christoffer have opted to live out of their car for the last year while they struggle to find a home.

“I can’t find a place unless I give up my dog, and everyone tells me to, but I can’t do that,” said Carol to ABC News. “We’ve had Camilla her whole life and Rocco her whole life.”

Carol and her husband both work jobs at night, but they largely live out of their vehicle, opting to plug a crock pot into the car’s cigarette lighter and go to places that have WiFi so they can stay connected.

“It was hard in the beginning but then you kind of consign yourself to it and say okay,” Devia said. “I’m alive, I’m working. I hit bottom, so now I’ve been there and now the only place I can go is up.”

Pit bull advocacy group BAD RAP says that this issue is unfortunately not uncommon for owners of this breed of dog, and they suggest that these people reach out to rescue organizations if situations take a turn for the worse.


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