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California Family Abandons Dog At Shelter With Heartbreaking Note

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A family was forced to abandon its dog after unsuccessfully attempting to get rid of its fleas, according to a heartbreaking note.

The Sacramento SPCA discovered a Chihuahua mix at its doors on Saturday, along with a handwritten note explaining that the family who owned it couldn’t afford to get rid of its fleas.

“Hi, my name is Pinky. My family tried really hard to get rid of my fleas, but couldn’t and I’m suffering,” the note read. “They didn’t have any way to get me help because they don’t have any money. They loved me so much they decided to take me to a no-kill shelter to get the help I need.”

The note added that all of Pinky’s belongings were included.

Despite the note, some have accused the family of not trying hard enough.

“Are we really going to give these ‘people’ a pass for fleas?” one commenter wrote. “Call me hardhearted if you want but I’m sorry, fleas to me isn’t [sic] a very good excuse to get rid of a dog you supposedly love. You can go to Walmart and get flea products for next to nothing.”

According to a spokesperson for the shelter, it would have been preferable if the owners had spoken directly with the shelter in order to come up with a solution, especially since the Sacramento SPCA doesn’t specifically state that it’s a no-kill shelter.

The shelter noted on its Facebook page that there are alternative resources for pets with medical or behavioral issues. They also offered a link to a page called “Keeping Your Pet,” which lists several alternatives to abandoning a pet at a local shelter.

The website offered solutions to several pet problems like aggressive behavior, financial or domestic issues, personal health issues and rehoming pets. 

Sources: Examiner, Inquisitr

Photo Credit: Sacramento SPCA via Examiner


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