California Deputy Slams State Attorney To Floor In Courtroom (Video)

A recently released surveillance video (below) shows a sheriff’s deputy taking down State Deputy Attorney General Jennie Mariah Kelly during a morning recess on Oct. 20 at the San Luis Obispo Superior Court in California.

Kelly was allegedly “speaking loudly” and “acting in an unprofessional manner” to Timothy Magill, a lawyer representing the opposing side, according to the San Luis Obisp Sheriff’s Office.

The video does not have audio, but the deputy, who was acting as a bailiff, appears to reach for Kelly. There is a brief struggle between Kelly and the deputy, who slams her down on the courtroom floor and holds her there until more deputies arrive, notes The Tribune.

Kelly was arrested on suspicion of misdemeanor resisting a police officer. However, she was not charged as of Nov. 16 by the San Luis Obispo County District Attorney’s Office, which is still evaluating the case. Kelly was back in court representing the state the day after the incident, reported CalCoastNews.com in October.

Kelly’s attorney, Kara Stein-Conaway, told The Tribune via email: "Ms. Kelly committed no misconduct of any kind. Behavior by the bailiff was a gross and unjustified overreaction to entirely lawful conduct by Ms. Kelly. Ms. Kelly was unlawfully battered, forced to the ground and suffered having had her head pressed up against a metal rail.”

The California Department of Justice would not issue a comment, but is reviewing the incident.

Sources: The Tribune, CalCoastNews.com / Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot

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