California Deputy Pushes Boot Into Man's Head, Hits With Flashlight (Video)


A sheriff's deputy in Sacramento, California, was reportedly caught on video pushing his boot on top of a man's head and hitting the man with a flashlight.

After the video (below) surfaced on Tuesday, the Sacramento County Sheriff's deputy was placed on paid administrative leave.

"There are portions of that video that clearly have caused me concern," Sacramento County Undersheriff Jaime Lewis told KCRA. "And that is exactly what has caused the department to initiate an investigation, so we can get to the bottom of it."

The man with his head under the deputy's boot is John Madison Reyes.

The sheriff's deputy told Reyes to lie on his stomach, but Reyes yelled back, "I'm trying to," and, "I'll turn over if you let me up," noted KCRA.

Undersheriff Lewis claims that Reyes was resisting arrest before the video began and the deputy had previously used a Taser and pepper spray multiple times.

"Let's face it, had the subject complied with the officer's directives from the initial contact and beyond, we wouldn't be sitting here talking about this today," said Undersheriff Lewis.

"How can I roll over when my body's twitching with 100,000 volts going through it?" countered Reyes.

Reyes claimed the incident began when the deputy's patrol car was blocking the street.

"I asked him kindly to move the car," Reyes told KCRA. "He glared at me and stared at me. And then, I said an expletive, 'You need to move the car because I can't get through.'"

The officer reportedly questioned Reyes about being on probation, and the incident progressed to Reyes' head going under the deputy's boot.

Reyes was cited for resisting arrest, noted, but the Sacramento County Sheriff's department didn't say why Reyes was arrested to begin with.

Witness Michael White, who filmed the incident, told KCRA, "The cop was walking around him, and he Tased him several times, and you could see the guy's body convulse about three or four times. And he's not yelling or anything. He was not trying to get away."

"I think [the officer] should get fired," added White. "I think he should go to jail. I don't think administrative leave is enough."

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