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California Deputy Kills Pregnant Dog While Answering Call at Wrong House (Video)

A Los Angeles County Deputy reportedly shot and killed a pregnant pit bull while answering a call at the wrong home in La Puente, California, on Friday.

Two deputies were answering a call about a domestic disturbance when a female deputy encountered the dog in a front yard.

Rosaleen Banner claims she ran out to her front yard, after hearing multiple gunshots, only to find her dog dead.

“My dog was pregnant,” Banner told KCAL (video below). "She was due today to have her baby."

Banner added: “I know people have bad intentions toward pit bulls, but it all depends on how you raise them. Not all of them are the same. And she was lovable.”

“In order to stop the [dog] attack, they deployed (pepper) spray which didn’t stop the dog, and when the dog charged again that’s when the deputy actually fired to stop the attack,” Capt. Timothy Marakami of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department told KCAL.

The unidentified deputy was reportedly bitten on her arm.

According to The Free Thought Project, Banner claims her dog never attacked the deputy. She has set up a "Justice 4 Tata" Facebook page and an online petition that states in part: "Given the circumstances of this case – particularly, the lack of consideration towards the life of a pregnant dog – we, the undersigned, feel that the deputies involved should be removed from law enforcement as soon as possible. They have to pay for their negligence and they are no longer fit to represent the law."

Sources:, The Free Thought Project, CBS Los Angeles


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