California County Threatens To Fine People For Excessive Christmas Lights (Video)


Orange County, California, is threatening to fine a neighborhood in Ladera Ranch for their 'extreme' Christmas decorations.

The Orange County Public Works department sent warning letters to 21 residents who put up elaborate light displays that include electrical wires on sidewalks and streets.

According to the Orange County Register: "The county gave them the option to either take infringing lights down by today or get an encroachment permit – which costs $583 per project for administration costs as well as a $1,000 surety fee and proof of a $1 million liability insurance policy."

“We had to take down any cords that went across our sidewalk, as well as any of the roads,” resident Jeff Stover told CBS Los Angeles (video below).

“This was, I think, our second notice today, and basically it says we have twenty-four hours to take [the lights] down, before we get fined 500 dollars a day,” added resident Cynthia Mellow. “I texted my husband, ‘We need to take those lights down.'"

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“We really understand that people love to celebrate the holidays," said Orange County Public Works department spokesperson Shannon Widor. "We just ask that they take the proper step, and that would be obtaining a permit, because safety is the top priority.”

Sources: CBS Los Angeles, Orange County Register
Image Credit: CBS Los Angeles Screenshot


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