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California Cops Use Batons, Taser On Jaywalker (Video)

Three police officers in Bakersfield, California, were filmed using batons and a Taser on a man who was allegedly jaywalking on May 30 (video below) .

"There was obvious non-compliance by the person they were in contact with," Bakersfield Police Sgt. Gary Carruesco told KERO.

However, local residents told the news station that they thought the police force was excessive.

"Those are two very effective tools that we have and are usually very effective at overcoming resistance," Carruesco added. "And as you can see in the video, they were eventually able to take him into custody."

Carruesco stated in a full interview that was posted online by the news station:

The problem with force is force is ugly no matter what level it is. The officers, they are concerned  for any citizens that might be around and for their own safety as well. From what I understand in this case, that gentleman had a cast on his arm, and obviously he was flailing his arms and legs around.

The raw video of the incident, posted on Yahoo! News, shows the man on the ground, not touching or assaulting anyone. He appears to be in mental and/or emotional distress as he flails around on the ground.

The officers demand that he turn over on his stomach and "stop resisting," but when he does not turn over, they use the batons and Taser on him.

The man filming the video is heard saying, "He's not doing nothing," twice, and, "He's not resisting," twice.

The watchdog group Cop Block posted the video on their Facebook page and got these comments:

This 'jaywalking' accusation is a common corrupt thing in northern California. They sit at cross sections and even when you cross with the illuminated cross signal they flash their lights at you and give you a ticket for crossing against the light even though the sign is clearly lit up signaling for you to cross.

The best way to explain cops with this new 'resisting is a hate crime' crap, is legit... walking, untouchable, gangsters. Scared when I see them, they are terrible people. Beating people up and then saying you cant touch them like the rich kid at school who has the principal as their father.

Sources: KERO, Yahoo! News, Cop Block/Facebook / Photo credit: KERO/YouTube

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