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California Cop Kills Mentally Ill Man Swinging Stick (Video)

A police officer in Madera, California, shot and killed Sergio Valdovinos, who was reportedly swinging a stick, on June 16 (video below).

The Fresno People's Media posted a video on Facebook of police lined up outside a house, rushing toward the porch and shouting: "Get your f******* hands up!" moments before one of the cops fired eight shots.

According to neighbors, Valdovinos broke some windows out of a van, notes KMPH.

Madera Police Chief Steven Frazier said that the police were familiar with Valdovinos because they had responded to calls at his home at least 50 times since 2015.

"We've been out there before where he's threatening us with machetes, knives," Frazier stated.

Valdovinos' mother said that her 32-year-old son was schizophrenic, and that she had tried to get him help for two years.

According to Frazier, Valdovinos was wearing a belt with some screwdrivers, and carrying a stick that was close to 4 feet long.

"Sergio began swinging the stick at our officers," Frazier said. "The officer that was closest to him ended up firing eight rounds to defend himself from getting struck by the stick."

In the video, the police are seen cursing and rushing toward the house.

Valdovinos, who was shot several times, died while being taken to a local hospital.

Valdovinos' family members are questioning whether the cops used excessive force, and if a stun gun could have been used instead of an actual gun.

Frazier said that eight bullets was not excessive:

We need to use a level that stops that threat. How many shots that takes? I don't know. There's so many factors that come into play. From the time that you start pulling the trigger, to the time he falls, by the time your brain catches up with that , you could have fired three or four more rounds just because you knew you had to. Eight rounds sounds like a lot. I don't think that's excessive at this point.

According to Frazier, a stun gun wasn't deployed because "the opportunity did not present itself."

The cop who killed Valdovinos was placed on administrative leave while an investigation takes place.

This is the second shooting by a Madera cop in two weeks.

There was plenty of outrage on the Fresno People's Media's Facebook page:

Military style Death Squads. Afraid of people with sticks. Lofl. The Level of corruption and incompetency out here is just astounding.

Even if this individual had no mental issues, he had officers yelling at him to both put his hands up and behind his back at the same time AFTER THEY SHOT AT HIM 8 TIMES. I know that with mentally ill people, things can be extremely unpredictable, so I know that they are on edge. But 8 times? That is disgusting.

Not one of those cops were able to use a taser. ****ing bull****. If there is more then one cop which 90% of the time there is then one should have his gun drawn and the other his taser. This is another example of horrible training or complete incompetence or defiance of the law by the law. The guy had a stick. REALLY!!!

I dislike that there aloud to say "put your f****** hands up" show a little professionalism.

Sources: Fresno People's Media/Facebook, KMPH / Photo credit: SAC Daniel Herrick via Wikimedia Commons

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