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California Cops Joke About Assaulting Amputee (Video)

Police officers in Santa Ana, California, were caught on video during a raid of a medical marijuana dispensary mocking a disabled woman and possibly digesting marijuana products.

A video (below) of the May 27 raid and its aftermath were posted online by the OC Weekly and broadcast by KTLA.

In the video, the officers barge into the dispensary with guns drawn; the frightened people inside drop to the floor.

The officers reportedly tried to destroy the surveillance video cameras in the dispensary with crowbars, but failed to do so.

After the people inside are removed, the video shows a male officer asking a female officer, "Did you punch that one-legged old benita?"

The female officer replies, "I was about to kick her in her f------ nub."

The female officer was referring to Marla James who is an amputee seen in a wheelchair in the video.

According to the OC Weekly, some officers appeared to possibly be eating pot candy and throwing darts.

The raid occurred because a judge placed a temporary restraining order against Santa Ana's Measure BB, which allows medical marijuana dispensaries.

This medical dispensary was operating without a permit, but medical marijuana was legalized throughout California in 2003.

Santa Ana Police Commander Chris Revere told the OC Weekly that the video was "edited" and "non-chronological," but added: "Obviously we are concerned with what we see on the video. We have initiated an internal affairs investigation. I'd like to see the unedited video to get a clearer picture of what is happening."

Attorney Matthew Pappas, who released the video to the media, is planning a lawsuit against the police department for James, reports KTLA.

Revere told KTLA in an email that no medical marijuana dispensaries are  operating “legitimately" (because of the temporary injunction by a judge) in the city.

“If the temporary restraining order is lifted, the city can then begin issuing permits for legal dispensaries to operate,” Revere stated.

Sources: OC Weekly, Wikipedia, KTLA
Image Credit: YouTube Screenshot


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