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California Cops Bought & Sold Banned Guns

The ATF confirms it is investigating a number of California police officers for using their badges to buy guns that are banned for the general public and then selling them to said public.

The Associated Press reports that deputies from the Sacramento County Sheriff's Department and cops from the Roseville and Sacramento police departments allegedly bought and sold guns. No one has been charged, and it's not known how many guns were sold or what kind of weapons they were.

The officers took advantage of a California law that allows police officers to buy guns and high-capacity magazines that are banned to everybody else. All they have to do is flash their badge.

"Under the law all they have to do is show their law enforcement credential to a dealer. That's enough to purchase an off-list handgun or high-capacity magazine," said Steve Lindley, chief of the state Department of Justice's Bureau of Firearms.

As far as assault weapons, officers can buy them if their chief gives them permission. Sacramento sheriff's spokesman Jason Ramos said his department has an informal practice of allowing deputies to buy one assault rifle during their career.

"A guy can't be in the habit of every year or two buying another one," Ramos said. "You can't just be out buying these cool weapons."


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