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California Cop Shoots & Kills Man, then Calls Police on Himself

A California sheriff's deputy finds himself on the other side of the law, under arrest for suspicion of murder after allegedly shooting and killing a man inside a bar, then calling police to report the incident.

The Los Angeles Times reports that off-duty Riverside County sheriff's deputy Dayle Long was drinking alone in a bar in the city of Murietta Wednesday night when a man named Samuel Vallentes, 36, started talking to him. They went to play darts.

“They were getting along good,” said a relative of Vallentes, who said he was told what happened by other relatives who were in the bar. “When the cop started having more whiskey, he started getting belligerent.

"He lifted his shirt up and showed his gun," the relative continued. "Sam was standing by the dart board. He said, 'You don’t want to do this; you’re a nice guy.' And he shot him. That’s what I’m told.”

While people in the bar dove for cover, witnesses say Long reloaded his gun, took out his cell phone and called police.

“He was calling dispatch and telling them shots were fired, like he was a cop,” the relative said.

Long walked out of the bar and waited for police to arrive, telling them that he was a deputy. They quickly took him into custody.

It's not clear what sparked the shooting, which apparently occurred less than an hour after the two men met.


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