California Convenience Store Clerk Locks Himself in Store With Robber Demetrus Olson


An unidentified California stock clerk reportedly locked himself and robbery suspect Demetrus Olson in a convenience store Sunday, in an attempt to capture the thief.

The incident occurred early Sunday morning near N. California Street and E. Sonoma Avenue on the 3200 block in Stockton, according to a Stockton Police press release.

30-year-old Olson entered the convenience store and walked behind the counter to take a pack of cigarettes. When the clerk saw Olson reaching for the pack, he immediately locked the doors and activated the alarm.

When Olson realized he was trapped in the store, he allegedly pushed the clerk and threatened him.

The clerk eventually unlocked the doors and allowed Olson to escape.

Olson was later caught in Oak Park at 12:45a.m., where he was chased by two officers, and hit one before the second officer tackled him to the ground. He was then taken into custody.

Olson now faces charges of robbery, resisting arrest and battery of an officer.

He is currently being held in jail on bail of $303,000.

In 2010, the rate of property crime in the City of Stockton was 88% higher than the national property crime rate. It is 110% higher than the state crime rate.

Sources: Fox News, City Rating


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