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California College Student Asked Ex-Boyfriends To Murder Other Ex-Boyfriends

A University of California, Riverside student allegedly asked ex-boyfriends to go after other ex-boyfriends and kill them.

Barbara Wu, 22, faces six felony charges including soliciting murder, making terrorist threats and stalking, ABC News reported.

Wu’s attorney, Rajan Maline, said the charges against his client were baseless.

“They have yet to produce one threat of any kind that my client made,” he told ABC News. “What you're going to see though, is a spurned young person that was very much in love.”

She appeared in Riverside County Superior Court in early August where one of her ex-lovers, Dennis Lin, testified.

“She asked me to kidnap him and tie him up so she could break his legs with a bat, to ‘motorcycle’ him and then to somehow kill him and then dispose of the body,” Lin said during a preliminary hearing. He dated Wu for four months before breaking up with her via email.

Lin was asked by police to wear a wire so they can record the alleged murder plot. "She kept telling me ‘you promised me — when is it going to happen?’” Lin testified, according to the Press-Enterprise.

Wu pleaded not guilty on May 31 to charges of soliciting murder, making terrorist threats, vandalism, stalking and other crimes, the Huffington Post reported.

After Wu was arraigned on May 29, a second man, who dated her in 2009 and 2010, told UCR police about the alleged revenge plot. The unidentified man also testified back in August, saying that Wu asked him to murder another ex-boyfriend.

The judge will determine if there is enough evidence to go ahead with a trial against Wu.

Wu, who enrolled at the university in 2009, remains in jail.

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