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'The P.C. Police Have Been Going Further And Further': Student Speaks Out After College Bans Yacht Club For Being 'Offensive' (Video)

A college in California has banned the school’s yacht club for being "offensive."

The student Senate at Pizter College in Claremont, California, voted to ban the yacht club last week as “the majority of Senators found the name ‘yacht club’ to have a particularly offensive association with yacht clubs and a recreation known for being exclusive,” according to Pitzer College Senator Taylor Novick-Finder.

Steven Glick, a Claremont Independent publisher, went on “Fox and Friends” on Oct. 10 to discuss the school’s decision (video below).

“I think the P.C. police have been going further and further every day with what they’re deeming offensive,” Glick said, who is a student at a nearby college. “It’s becoming increasingly trivial, concerning what should be censored or banned.”

The director of media relations at Pitzer College issued a statement on the matter, saying that the school “respects the diverse views of our student body” but they believe that “discussions, and sometimes debate, on opposing views are part of the educational process.”

Glick agreed, but added that banning a club from campus “does absolutely nothing to further that goal.”

Sources: Fox News Insider, YouTube

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons


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