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California City Grants Parade Permit Despite LGBT Exclusion

A Southern California city granted a private group a permit to hold a Vietnemese new year’s parade, despite objections over its explicit exclusion of the LGBT community.

The Tet parade has been held by the city for the past two decades and has always included LGBT groups. This year, the parade was taken over by the Vietnamese American Federation of Southern California, which told the groups they could not participate.

“They say our community goes against Vietnamese tradition,” said Joee Truong of Viet Rainbow of Orange County, “but Vietnamese tradition is about love and respect.”

When LGBT activists sued for inclusion, they were denied.

Councilwoman Diana Carey said the decision has made the people of Westminister look discriminatory.

Carey added that while she has tried to fight discrimination her entire life, she has to support the decision because of her oath to uphold the constitution and its First Amendment rights.

Other council members have also criticized the exclusion policy and have urged group members to find a compromise.

LGBT group members will be permitted to march before or after the parade.

Sources: ABC, Breitbart


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