California Bill Proposes Paid Time Off For Parents


A bill introduced in California would give parents paid time off to attend their children's school-related activities.

On March 10, Democratic State Assemblyman Mike Gatto of Los Angeles introduced AB 2405, which would require employers to give parents three workdays of paid time off for school-related activities every year, according to a press release on the assemblyman’s website.

“Being involved in your child’s education shouldn’t be limited by your family’s income, and it shouldn’t come down to a choice between meeting with a teacher or volunteering in the classroom, versus paying the bills,” Gatto said. "You shouldn’t have to be a cast member of the ‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ to be involved in your child’s education.”

AB 2405 would change California’s “Family-School and Partnership Act,” which was enacted in 1995. Under the law, parents, grandparents and guardians are allowed to take up to 40 hours of unpaid, job-protected time off for school activities and school-related emergencies per calendar year.

Under the new legislation, 24 of the 40 hours would now be paid.

“We must stop passively bemoaning the state of our schools, and do something to engage families in the educational process and the school community,” Gatto said. “AB 2405 will allow parents to play an active role in their children’s success, without worrying about putting food on the table.”

The new legislation would not apply to businesses with 25 employees or less, KOVR reports.

“We don’t want to put any one business out of business, but I think when you’re talking about the big, massive firms and corporations, they can afford to give people some time off to participate in their child’s education,” Gatto said.

Sources: Assemblyman Mike Gatto, KOVR / Photo credit: Liberal Democrats/Flickr

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