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Banquet Hall Keeps Couple's Deposit, Won't Reschedule Wedding After Groom's Emergency Brain Surgery

A Long Beach, California couple says they are blown away that a banquet facility, where they had scheduled their wedding ceremony and reception, won’t let them push their wedding back after the groom had to undergo emergency brain surgery. 

Destiny and Nicholas Brzuska were married Dec. 13. Just two days before the ceremony, they had learned that Nicholas Brzuska had a brain tumor that needed to be removed immediately.

Upon learning the news they sprang into action, rallied all of their friends, found a 24-hour wedding chapel, and got married.

Now, Destiny Brzuska tells KABC News the venue where the couple had planned to have their wedding — The Garden Room in Garden Grove, California —  is keeping her $3,600 deposit and won’t let her reschedule.

The Brzuskas, who had originally planned to be married Jan. 4, say they want to push the scheduled ceremony and reception  back to December to coincide with the first anniversary of their recent, impromptu wedding but The Garden Room won’t let them. 

The Garden Room’s owner, Lisa Waddell, declined to comment on the matter. 

Nicholas Brzuska is now recovering from his Jan. 6 surgery and says doctors successfully removed his tumor. He said he can’t believe The Garden Room is being so inflexible. 

“[It's] disconcerting knowing that there's people like that out there. All they are [is] money-hungry,” he is quoted as saying in a story from the Daily Mail

The couple has launched a mini campaign on Facebook to spread the word about their situation so others might avoid their difficult situation. 

“We want to Thank everyone for all the support!” Destiny Brzuska recently wrote on her Facebook page. “We really appreciate it! But Please if you call the venue, Please don't make any threats to them. We wanted our story to help future couples. Not hurt anyones lives. Again Thank you for all the support!”

She says if The Garden Room does not let them reschedule, they still plan to go ahead with a first anniversary ceremony and reception but will just have to find another venue. 

Sources: KABC NewsDaily MailFacebook: Destiny Brzuska

Photo Credit: Facebook: Destiny Brzuska, epSos .de/Flickr


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