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Calif. Surf Shop Apologizes for MLK "Black" Ad

A surf shop in California apologized Tuesday for an ad it ran offering a discount on "all black products" on Martin Luther King Day.

The online ad for the Thalia Surf Shop in Laguna Beach showed King's head superimposed on the body of someone wearing a wet suit and holding a surfboard, the copy reading "Respect. MLK Sale 20% Off All Black Products."

After the Orange County Register got wind of it, the shop first removed the picture of King, and then took down the promotion entirely.

"It's our slow time of the year, so we're always getting creative," shop owner Nick Cocores told the Register. "We knew it was going to attract some attention."

Cocores took to the store’s blog on Tuesday to apologize to those who were offended.

Yesterday we at Thalia Surf sent out a newsletter announcing our MLK Day Sale. In no way did we intend to hurt or offend anyone. For those that took offense or disrepect (sic) we truly are sorry. We took down the ad for our sale to hopefully calm the waters and in the future will be more careful in our selection of promotions. We appreciate the support from customers and patrons of Thalia Surf that know us and know that we meant no harm. Thanks.


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