Calif. Mom Arrested After Students Claimed She Grabbed Her Daughter's Bully By The Throat

A California woman is facing charges for allegedly grabbing a 12-year-old who had bullied her daughter by the throat.

The Associated Press reports that 30-year-old Delia Garcia-Bratcher from Santa Rosa entered Olivet Charter Elementary School at lunchtime on Friday to confront the supposed bully. She found her son, who also attends the school, on the playground and asked him to show her the boy who had been tormenting his 10-year-old sister.

The angry mom then allegedly grabbed the boy by the neck in front of a group of children, according to a statement by sheriff’s Lt. Mark Essick to local paper the Santa Rosa Press-Democrat.

Garcia-Bratcher hadn’t checked in at the school office before entering, and no adult witnessed the encounter, authorities say. It was the kids who told the deputy that the mother had threatened the boy in a very physical way.

Staff took photos of red marks on his neck after learning about the alleged assault.

Pointing to the fingerprints that were still visible on the boy's neck, Lt. Essick criticized the woman for storming onto school grounds and attacking the boy, even if bullying had occurred. 

“To take it into her own hands was absolutely the wrong thing to do,” Essick said.

Jennie Snyder, superintendent of Piner-Olivet Union School District, said that this type of encounter is exceedingly rare.

“Student safety is our first and foremost concern,” Snyder said. “We have safety procedures in place and we will be following through on them.”

Garcia-Bratcher was released from jail after posting $30,000 bail after being arrested on a charge of felony child abuse.

The Press Democrat reports that the woman wrote on her Facebook page that the accusations were hurtful and the "the truth will be told."

Sources: Associated Press, Santa Rosa Press-Democrat


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