Calif. Man Shoots At Women Who Refuse Sex Hours After Elliot Rodger Rampage

A man in northern California fired at three women early Saturday morning after they refused to have sex with him and his friends.

The incident came just hours after Elliot Rodger took the lives of six others and himself near the UC Santa Barbara campus, stating in a video message before the rampage that he was seeking revenge on all the women who rejected him.

In the most recent incident, three women between 18 and 19 years old went over to the home of three men in Stockton, California. The men asked the women to engage in sexual acts with them, but the women refused, according to Fox40.

According to Stockton police, the men told the women to leave. As they made their exit, one of the men fired multiple shots. Fortunately, none of the women were struck.

The victims fled to a nearby restaurant and called the police, Think Progress reports. All three corroborate the same story. A building security guard also called the police independently, having heard shots.

According to Stockton Police Department Public Information Officer Joseph Silva, eight shell casings were found at the scene, but the men have not yet been found.

21-year-old Keith Binder is the suspected gunman. Police do not know if he owned the firearm legally. The other men have only been identified by their nicknames, “Little D” and “Little Eggy.”

The investigation is ongoing.

Sources: Fox40, Think Progress


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