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Calif. Gov Candidate Gavin Newsom Calls Drug War a Failure

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Current San Francisco mayor and candidate for the Democratic nomination to be California's next governor Gavin Newsom held an online town hall meeting on Tuesday, taking questions from viewers via Facebook.

One question focused on the "war on drugs" and marijuanadecriminalization. Mayor Newsom took the opportunity to reiterate his longstanding opposition to punitive drug policies,
stating, "I really feel strongly about the drug war being an abject
failure. If you can point to huge evidence that drug polices in this
country have worked, I'd love to see that evidence." The mayor wrapped
up by saying, "Low-level marijuana possession, with all due respect to
those that will use this video to attack me, is not a top priority for
my current job and role as mayor and hasn't been, nor would it be as

The discussion begins at about 30 seconds in to this clip here:

We at LEAP have seen how the public is more than ready for straight-talking politicians who aren't needlessly afraid of pushing for reform. We don't doubt at all that this will be a benefit -- and do no harm whatsoever -- to Newsom's campaign. Especially since 56 percent of California voters support fully legalizing, regulating and taxing marijuana sales.


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