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Cal Ripken Jr.’s 74-Year-Old Mother Gets Abducted at Gunpoint

Violet Ripken, the 74-year-old mother of of Baltimore Orioles legend, Cal Ripken Jr., was abducted at gunpoint from her Aberdeen, Md. Home on Tuesday. Bizarrely enough, she was found less than 24 hours later, apparently unscathed and seemingly doing okay.

While details of what exactly happened remain scarce, here is what we know for certain (as reported by Fox News): Violet Ripken was forced into a 1998 Lincoln Town Car at some point between 7 and 8 a.m. on Tuesday morning.

Then, early Wednesday morning, the she was located by authorities in Harford County – somewhere close to where she lives. A specific location has not yet been offered.

There has been no other information released by police or the Ripken family that fills in the blanks regarding what happened during the 24 hours between the original abduction and eventual discovery.

"As you now know, our mother was abducted at gunpoint from her home yesterday morning. This has been a very trying time for our family, but we are grateful and relieved that mom is back with us, safe and healthy," said a statement from the Ripken family.

"We want to thank everyone for their tremendous support, especially all of the law enforcement agencies that worked so hard and quickly."

Stay tuned – we’ll update this story as more information comes in.

(Kudos Fox News)

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