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Cafeteria Cook Threatens to Shoot Up School Over Burned Cookies

Cafeteria cook Wendy Ferris allegedly threatened to shoot up King Phillip School in Norfolk, Mass., over some burned cookies last Friday.

Ferris was furious after a co-worker said she’d overcooked a batch of cookies and started baking a new order, reports My Fox Boston.

Ferris went to the cafeteria manager’s office in an “uproar” over the burned cookies and told the manager to find another cook.

According to the police report, Ferris told the cafeteria manager, “I’m thinking about going out to buy an AK-47 and shooting this [expletive] school up!”

The school superintendent called the police a short time later.

Ferris was arrested at her home in Cumberland, R.I., on Friday night and held over the weekend, but was freed after paying a $5,000 bond on Monday.

“She’s an incredibly peaceful person,” her husband Philip Ferris told CBS Boston. “It’s beyond me where this even comes from.”

“We’re looking to working with the school department and the D.A.’s office to get to the bottom of this,” added Ferris' defense attorney Peter Padula. “She denies the facts.”

An unidentified co-worker told police that Ferris may have compiled a hit list that included the name of another school employee. The co-worker also said Ferris stated she could "bring a gun in and shoot people."

A judge ordered Ferris to surrender her guns and stay away from the school and its staff.

Sources: CBS Boston and My Fox Boston


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