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Cafe Owner Lorraine MacDuff Draws Ire Of Community By Calling Out Messy Children In Her Shop

We’ve all been there before: you sit down in a restaurant and a few tables away is a family with screaming kids whose parents don’t seem to care about controlling them.

A scene similar to this happened at the Rainy Days Café in Lake Stevens, Washington recently. The owner of the café, Lorraine Macduff, tried to do something about the messy children, and she is catching heat for it.

Kellea Poore, a mother of two, took her one and three-year-old sons into the café last week.

“I had my one-year-old in my lap and my three-year-old sitting the chair next to me,” she said. She ordered scones for her sons, but as they ate them, crumbs fell on the floor.

“My kids weren't throwing food, stomping on it (they were both still sitting), or screaming, or anything... There were scone crumbs, and anyone who's ever eaten one knows what I mean,” she said.

But Macduff wasn’t happy about the mess the children were making, so she decided to go talk to Poore about it.

“The woman came up and she basically told us there was going to be a worker coming over and she was going to vacuum up the mess and that they had just spent $50 cleaning the carpets and she didn't appreciate us making such a mess, and that next time if we decided to come in, not to bring our kids,” Poore said.

Offended, she immediately took her sons and left the café.

Later that day, Poore was shocked to see that Macduff had posted a picture of the boy’s crumbs on Facebook. The caption said “Like to take a moment right now to thank our customers with small children whose kids don’t make a mess. A couple of ladies came in today and this is the mess their children made.”

But followers of the café’s page didn’t like Macduff’s call out.

“This is outrageous!” customer Michelle Davis said. “I have worked in restaurants most of my life and cleaned up a lot of messes from children, it is to be part of the job. This is discrimination of the worst kind! You don't deserve to have a business if you don't want a mess now and then.”

Another customer, Courtney Ruane, feels the Facebook call-out was over the top as well.

“The children were 3 and 1,” she said. “Nowhere did it state they were misbehaving, rude and disrespectful...Young children are going to leave some crumbs when eating a scone. Let me tell you, I have seen even bigger messes in other establishments from adults.’”

Plenty of other customers voiced their disapproval of the picture, but you get the point.

Poore took to Facebook to ask the most relevant question of all regarding the whole situation.

“What would she have done if I accidentally spilled my coffee?” she said. 

Sources: Daily Mail, Q13Fox


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