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Boston Cab Driver Hands In $187,000 Left By Passenger

A Boston cab driver is being praised for his honesty after handing in $187,000 he found in the backseat of his vehicle to authorities.

Raymond MacCausland picked up a passenger on July 2 who left a backpack behind, according to The Associated Press.

The passenger got out of the cab to meet a friend, told MacCausland he intended to come back and left the bag in the backseat.

After waiting for 30 minutes, MacCausland went to the man's hotel to look for him, but was unsuccessful. That's when he looked through the bag in search of identification and came across three bundles of $50 and $100 notes.

By law, Boston taxi drivers must bring lost property to the police, so the cabbie took the money to police headquarters.

Police say roughly $187,000 was in the bag.

“This hackney driver exhibited exemplary behavior and his honest deed should be recognized,” said Boston Police commissioner William Evans in a July 5 statement, according to WSBK. “His actions represent the high standards that our department has for our drivers.”

The passenger contacted police soon after to report the lost money, which turned out to be an inheritance.

“He had proof that it was his, he had the trust agreement, he provided the proof the money was his,” police spokeswoman Rachel McGuire told the Boston Herald. “Thank goodness for the honest cab driver.”

MacCausland’s good deed was recognized with a $100 reward.

Sources: WSBK, Boston Herald, The Associated Press via WLNE / Photo credit: Boston Police Department/WSBK

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