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Cabbie Hit In Face With Skateboard When Passenger Learns His Nationality

A New York City cab driver suffered a fractured nose and severe swelling to his left eye after a passenger clocked him with a skateboard for being Pakistani.

Mohammad Ali Fahd says he picked up the skateboarder late Monday in the East Village. On their way uptown the passenger asked Fahd's nationality. When Fahd told him he was from Pakistan, the passenger allegedly starting cursing and banging on the plastic partition.

Fahd said the outburst distracted him and he hit a pothole. He pulled into a gas station at 23rd Street and Avenue C to check the damage.

“I was doing my safety check to make sure everything was all right with the car when he came up and hit me from behind,” Fahd, a father of two, told the New York Daily News. "He was trying to kill me. I hope they catch this guy."

An ambulance driver who witnessed the attack chased the passenger, but the assailant managed to escape on his skateboard.

More than 96 percent of people in Pakistan are Muslim.

A college student was convicted in June 2013 for viciously stabbing a New York City cab driver for being Muslim.

Michael Enright pleaded guilty to the attack. Enright got into Ahmed Sharif’s cab at Second Avenue and East 24th Street on August 24, 2010.

He asked Sharif, who was from Bangladesh, if he was Muslim. When Sharif, a father of four, said he was, Enright told him “consider this a checkpoint” before he lunged through the partition and stabbed him.

“I used a knife. I cut him in the throat," he told a Manhattan judge last summer.

"After insulting the tenets of Islam and mocking the restrictions of Ramadan, the defendant, unprovoked, reached through the cab partition and sliced the victim across his neck," prosecutor James Zaleta said.

Enright was sentenced to 9.5 years in prison.

Sources: New York Daily News, Huffington Post


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