Cab Drivers Upset Over Proposed Hygiene Rules (Video)


Cab drivers in Sacramento, Calif. are upset over some proposed regulations to improve their hygiene and appearance.

The rules would include require them to wear collared shirts and slacks, and be hygienically clean.

“That’s very insulting for me, and for all drivers,” cab driver Ahmid Mahmoud told CBS Sacramento (video below).

The other proposed rules include: no cabs more than 8 years old, all taxis must accept credit cards, $45 limit for a trip from downtown to the airport and a $15 limit on trips within the city.

The cab drivers would also have to take an English language test.

“You don’t tell them after 25 years or 10 years you need to take a test,” protested Mahmoud.

"We are law abiding and these people are here and they have families and kids here," Kazman Zaidi, president of the Sacramento Taxi Drivers Union, told KCRA. "If they're compelled to go through this test, maybe they have to go home."

Cabbies are already angry over increased competition from Internet share-a-ride services.

“We don’t have rent to pay? We don’t have bills to pay?” added Mahmoud.

However, Sacramento Business Permit Manager Dafna Gauthier countered, “I want them to be the ambassadors, and be the representatives for our city."

Sources: CBS Sacramento and KCRA


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