Cab Driver Stiffed On 1,500 Mile Fare To North Dakota, Spends Night In Homeless Shelter

A California taxi driver’s acceptance of a long-distance fare resulted in him having to spend the night in a North Dakota homeless shelter after he got stiffed by a wanted felon.

Enaytayullah Hoseny, a Sacramento cab driver for over a decade, did not know where North Dakota was when he agreed to take Matthew Blackhanson, 25, there in his cab.

Only after checking the GPS did Hoseny realize it was 22 hours away, and across five states with a total distance of nearly 1,500 miles. But Hoseny agreed to drive Blackhanson there for a total fare of $1,200 because the father of four needed the money, reports the Daily Mail.

Blackhanson gave Hoseny $240 cash upfront and agreed to sign a hand-written contract stating he would pay $1,500 ($300 more than Hoseny asked for) upon arrival in North Dakota.

But when they arrived at a gas station in Mandan, North Dakota where Blackhanson’s fiancé was supposed to meet them with the money, she never showed up and he did not have enough to pay Hoseny.

Things then went sour quickly for both Hoseny and Blackhanson.

Blackhanson begged Hoseny to not call the police.

“He started crying, ‘Oh please don’t call the cops. I’m going to be in trouble. I want to see my fiancé,’ and this and that,” Hoseny said to CBS.

Hoseny did call the police and it was discovered that Blackhanson was wanted on an outstanding warrant.

Blackhanson was arrested. That left Hoseny over a thousand miles from home without any money, or gasoline.

The only option Hoseny had was to spend the night in a homeless shelter.

Hoseny returned to the Mandan gas station the next day and through an act of kindness the staff gave him food, some money, and allowed him to fill up his gas tank.

Hoseny is now urging taxi drivers against taking long-distance fares.

“I tell all the taxi drivers in the world, do not do this. This is so crazy and risky and even stupid,” Hoseny said.

Blackhanson’s trip may have ended poorly, but he was getting a hefty discount on the fare. According to the taxi meter it should have cost him $4,800.


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