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Cab Driver Kicks Lesbian Couple Out of Cab (Video)

Ahmed Egal, a cabdriver in Portland, Ore., reportedly kicked a lesbian couple out of his cab and left them on the side of Interstate 84.

The Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries recently found “substantial evidence” that Egal refused service to Kate Neal and Shenako Devoll because of their sexual orientation, noted ABC News.

The women claimed in a complaint that Egal made “aggressive homophobic comments” when they held hands and kissed during the cab ride with a male friend in July 2013.

Egal then called 911 and claimed the women were drunk and refusing to pay their fare, reported KATU.

The women and their male friend had to climb over a highway wall and a fence to flag down a police officer.

Neal and Devoll filed their complaint under the 2007 Oregon Equality Act that bans businesses from discriminating against people based on their sexual orientations or gender identities.

Their case now goes to the Administrative Prosecution Unit, which decides whether or not to issue civil rights charges.

The cab company, Broadway Cab, is not being held responsible, as Egal acted on his own.

“I love this city," Egal, who plans to fight the women's claim, told KATU. "I think it was the best. Portland is real different. I regret that the city that I loved became this way.”

Sources: ABC News and KATU


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