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Indian Woman Brutally Attacked By Four Men While Bystanders Watch

Gruesome footage surfaced today of four men relentlessly beating an Indian woman in Ludhiana, a city in the northwest Indian province of Punjab.

The woman says she was beaten because she asked to be repaid a sum of money that she had lent to one of the men. The amount is reported to be 20,000 rupees, the equivalent of about $370 USD.

The woman is seen making desperate attempts to defend herself on the video. She tries to push the men away several times, only to be continuously beaten with large sticks the men were holding. An elderly man and woman tried to intervene at one point, but were pushed away by the group of men.

The footage was recorded on a mobile phone and has been turned over to Indian police. Police say the attack has been registered.

“We have identified the accused and they will be arrested soon,” a Ludhiana police officer said.

The attack is the latest act of violence against a woman to receive publicity in India. India has seen violent and sexual crime towards women skyrocket recently. The problem was highlighted in December when a woman was raped by six men on a bus in the Indian capital of New Delhi. The crime caused outrage among Indian citizens, many of whom protested in the streets demanding better protection for Indian women.

The effects of India’s problem with female-oriented violence are far reaching. As we reported earlier this month, India’s tourism rates have plummeted since the December attack in New Delhi. 25% fewer people are visiting the country, including 35% fewer women. Unfortunately, this story only provides more evidence that India has yet to find a way to reduce this problem. 

(Daily Mail)


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