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Officer Helps Elderly Veteran Buy Groceries

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A Washington police officer bought groceries for an elderly Army veteran.

KCPQ reports that Clallam County Sheriff’s Deputy Don Kitchen responded to a call reporting an erratic driver.  That was when he came across an 83-year-old retired Army Colonel behind the wheel.

The Colonel was on his way to buy groceries, but had gotten lost and disoriented.  His wife had recently died and he now lives alone.  

So Kitchen decided to do the honorable thing and take him to the grocery store, where he not only helped him shop but even bought the man’s groceries for him. 

“Deputy Kitchen didn’t do this for any notoriety; he did it because that is what Deputy Kitchen and most people in law enforcement like to do,” undersheriff Ron Camerson said. “Help those in need.”

Many veterans will be spending the holidays alone and on the streets.  According to End Homelessness, there are roughly 50,000 homeless veterans in America, which represents 8.6 percent of the total homeless population.  Most tend to be urban single males with mental and/or physical disabilities.  

There are numerous federal programs that strive to end veteran homelessness, and in January 2015, New Orleans became the first city to announce that it had ended veteran homelessness.

Sources: KCPQ, End Homelessness / Photo credit: KCPQ

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