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Actress Tilda Swinton Plays Elderly Man In 'Suspiria' (Photos)

British actress Tilda Swinton is unrecognizable in her latest role as a 70-year-old man.

Swinton, 56, is undergoing perhaps her most dramatic transformation to date in a remake of the 1977 Italian horror film "Suspiria," the Daily Mail reported.

The actress was spotted wearing a white wig, thick-rimmed glasses and a face covered in wrinkles. She was wearing a grey knit sweater vest, with a white shirt and tie. Swinton was also seen sporting a black overcoat and beanie.

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Swinton, who won a Best Supporting Actress Academy Award for her role in 2007's "Michael Clayton," is also known for her roles in movies such as "Orlando," "The Beach," "Doctor Strange," and the films of the "Chronicles of Narnia" franchise. The upcoming remake of "Suspira," slated for a 2017 release, finds Swinton co-starring alongside Dakota Johnson, Mia Goth and Chloe Grace Moretz.

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The film reunites Swinton and Johnson with director Luca Guadagnino, who all previously worked together on the 2015 film "Bigger Splash." It centers around the evil happenings at the prestigious Markos Tanz Dance Academy in Berlin.

Swinton's character, Madame Blanc, is the vice-directress of the academy. Johnson plays American dance student Suzy Bannion, who excels under Blanc's direction before discovering the horrifying truth about the academy.

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The original "Suspiria" was directed by Dario Argento and is part of Argento's "The Three Mothers" trilogy, a series of linked supernatural horror films that also included "Inferno" (1980) and "The Mother of Tears" (2007).  

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Swinton is keeping busy these days. The trailer for her forthcoming Netflix film "Okja" was released on Feb. 27. She plays corporate scientist Nancy Mirando, and appears to look completely different from her role on "Suspiria."

The drama centers around Mija, who is played by 13-year-old South Korean actress Ahn Seo-hyun. It chronicles her battle "against the harsh realities of genetically modified food experimentation, globalization, eco-terrorism, and humanity’s obsession with image, brand and self-promotion," according to the Netflix synopsis.

"Okja" was directed by celebrated South Korean auteur Bong Joon-ho, whose most recent movie was the 2013 hit "Snowpiercer." Following the remarkable success of "Snowpiercer," for which Joon-ho won a Blue Dragon Film Award for Best Director, Joon-ho was given a whopping $50 million from Netflix and complete artistic freedom to make "Okja," Ars Technica reported. The film also stars Paul Dano, Lily Collins, Jake Gyllenhaal, Steven Yeun and Shirley Henderson.

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