Man Arrested For Driving Toy Car Is Not What You Think


A Texas man who was seemingly arrested for driving a toy car around a neighborhood ended up having some serious reasons for his bizarre behavior.

A photo David Schumaker, 26, being arrested with a toy Cadillac Escalade in Shepherd, Texas, on Feb. 25 began circulating online, prompting many to joke about the incident and comment on his strange behavior.

"He rides this thing around just to get around town and everybody bothers him about it," Schumaker's friend, Chris Fuller, said. "One time I seen him drive all the way from Livingston all the way to here. I’m not joking. The backroads." Livingston to Shepherd is a 15-mile trip.

"He said I’m gonna go drive this thing back to Livingston. I said man are you sure you don’t need my van? It’ll be back here in a little bit.”

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Several residents reported seeing Schumaker riding the car on a number of occasions.

"We’ve gotten calls on the guy driving around," San Jacinto County Sheriff's Office Lt. David Lawrenz said before Schumaker's arrest.

It was ultimately discovered that Schumaker was not being arrested for riding around in the toy car. Instead, he was being arrested on accusations of credit card theft. The victim of the alleged theft is believed to be a woman who knows him.

"The lady saw him go across the street," Lawrenz told Dayton News. "She got an alert on her phone [regarding her card being used].”

Several friends told KHOU he's developmentally disabled, which is why he uses the toy car to get around.

Schumaker was sent to a mental treatment facility in Livingston following the arrest. His friends said he's been to the facility several times in the past. They called on neighbors to step up and help him get on his feet when he returns home.

"Somebody to lend him a hand," Fuller said. "Help him out with a place to stay or anything like that. Not too many people get do anything for him.”

Sources: KHOU, Dayton News / Photo credit: KHOU

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