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People Outraged Over Selfies Taken At Scene Of Sydney Hostage Situation

The hostage situation in Sydney, Australia has captivated the world in the last 24 hours, but some people seem to be completely unfazed, as a number of selfies at the scene of the terror have been posted to social media.

As authorities work to free the hostages from inside the Lindt café in Sydney, Australia’s largest city, some people have gathered at the scene to witness the events unfolding. While the situation is scary and disturbing, some people seem to be taking the opportunity to snap pictures of themselves at the scene to post on social media.

After a number of selfies appeared online in the hours after the hostage situation began, many people slammed those responsible for being “insensitive” and “sick” during a terrifying time.

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“People taking selfies at the area around the Sydney hostage situation,” one user tweeted, according to The Independent. “We have reached peak selfie and it is terrible.”

“Would you take a selfie at an unfolding news situation such as the Sydney hostage drama? I think it's messed up but that's just me,” tweeted another disturbed Internet user.

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Still, others defended those taking selfies at the scene.

“I'm not judging anyone who takes a 'Sydney Selfie'. This is Australia, they absolutely won't let anyone stop them being *them*. Fair dinkum,” Twitter user Leonard Sultana wrote.

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While some are taking nearby selfies to use as bragging rights on social media, terrified hostages are being held inside the Sydney café as the reported Islamic gunman has made some of them hold up a sign with Arabic writing, strengthening fears that the situation could be a terrorist attack.

Sources:Daily Mail, The Independent, ABC News / Photo Source: Daily Mail


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