Little Girl Makes Profound Statement To Mother (Video)

In a short film called "Light Rain" (video below), a simple premise ends up delivering an important message.

While a little girl in the short film stands with her mother in a group of people, waiting under the shelter of a building for the rain to stop, she asks her mother if they can run through the rain. The bystanders all think the girl is just being a normal child and thinks it would be fun to run through the rain. No one expects the profound statement the girl was about to make.

The film, written by Bob Perks, is based on a true story. It serves as a reminder to not allow little things, such as some light rain, to get in the way of living a full life. The entire group of bystanders takes the little girl's wisdom to heart and they all join the mother and daughter as they run out into the rain.

Watching the touching short film below and listen for the girl's profound remarks at the 1:30 mark.

Sources: Hero ViralLittleThingsYouTube / Photo credit: Vimeo via Hero Viral

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