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People Laugh, Film Memphis Couple Overdosing (Video)

People filmed and laughed at a couple who was reportedly experiencing a drug overdose in Memphis on Oct. 3 (video below).

Courtland Garner, who live-streamed a video of the overdose on Facebook, can be heard laughing and cursing during his footage.

WREG, Memphis' local CBS affiliate, later asked Garner if he thought about helping the couple.

"I thought about it, but it wasn’t any of my business to help," Garner told the news station. "I mean, what if they overdose right there. What am I supposed to do?"

Garner said off-camera that he didn't call 911 because someone else did, but he wrote on his Facebook page: "Stupid Mfs I'm not bout to call 911 if I'm goin live!"

In response, Facebook comments pounded Garner with obscene insults.

According to police, the husband and wife stated that they "snorted some heroin" in a Walgreens' bathroom.

The fire department revived the husband and wife, who were taken to a local hospital.

Police said the woman, Carla Hiers, had a warrant so the cops took her into custody.

"What they were doing was children things," Garner told WREG. "It was a spectacle, so it made me laugh. They can help themselves."

Karen Morgan of Turning Point Recovery Memphis told the news station the couple did not do it to themselves because using drugs causes people's brains to change physiologically.

Garner added that he doesn't regret filming the two suffering human beings, and tried to defend himself by insisting that his video was going to stop children from using drugs.

"All the kids [are] on social media," Garner said. "And when kids see those two people, you know what they are going to say? 'I don't want to look stupid like that. I don't want to do those drugs.'"

Garner's video has more than two million views on his Facebook page, which is filled with comments -- none of which appear to have an anti-drug message, but rather nasty and obscene insults for Garner and/or the couple.

Shelby County district attorney Amy Wierich told WATN about the heroin epidemic in the area:

It is a very potent and deadly batch of heroin and that's why so many people are dying from it. So we’ve got to do everything we can to catch the dealers and the suppliers and remove them from society, but we also have to do everything we can to raise that awareness for parents and adults out there that heroin is back and it's deadly.


Sources: WREG, Courtland Garner/Facebook, WATN / Photo Credit: Courtland Garner/Facebook via YouTube

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