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Bystanders Catch Man Fleeing From Police (Video)

A man led Los Angeles police officers on a car chase through several cities in the area on the night of April 29 (video below). 

Police began pursuing the unidentified man for reckless driving on a freeway, but he went onto surface streets twice. The second time, he abandoned his car in front of a hotel and took off on foot. He was taken down by bystanders, several of whom were walking to a nearby convenience store.

One of the men who rushed to help, Steven Cadillo, told KTLA, “I’d seen the guy running and after he ran, they pushed him up against a car, and I asked if they needed help and they said yes.”

“I grabbed his leg and my other friend grabbed the other leg and we waited for the officers to come.”

None of the people who helped take down the suspect were harmed. The police haven't released details of the charges.

Sources: KTLA, ProNews YouTube

Image via KTLA


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